Hi! I’m APRIL. Thanks for stopping by.

Have you ever thought you do not deserve happiness, or have you ever thought you are weak, you are not enough, you are not beautiful or you are not in good shape? I think you are in the right address to find out why we are thinking like that. So, why we are like this?
First of all, I would like to summarize my life a little bit… -by the way, I am not from LA and my story starts in another country-.

When I was a kid I was fearless and it was easy for me to reach my goals because I was staying focused on what I want and I never think of other things until I reached my goals. I was so stubborn girl and at the same time, I was a fighter. I remembered all my teachers were telling to my parents that “your daughter so smart we cannot talk about her success but one thing we don’t like about her she is so naughty”. Haha yes, I was troublemaker… Also, I was so hyperactive and was hating boys that’s why I saw them as an enemy 🙂 because I fought them a lot and then they got afraid of me. Anyway, my interest in sports started at a young age because I was hyperactive and I was really good at any kind of sports. I think that’s why I was gifted and then I became a popular girl in my school and I really liked to be on the stage. I played in many great teams and I really liked to support each other to become a better team that’s why we won many medals and many rewards. My childhood was really great until I moved to another country. When I was a teenager -growing up years- I became emotional. I left my friends, relatives, and my school because of changing the country. I didn’t know how do I feel or what to expect until I moved. When I was on the flight I was excited, but on the other hand, I was getting nervous because I didn’t know anyone. When I arrived in the new country I got amazed by the city lightening because I grow up in a small town and I never lived in the big city before. I found here new friends, but in the beginning, it wasn’t easy for me at all because I became a shy person. I had no idea what happened to me even my grades go down in the first year. I think I couldn’t adapt easily due to country change. This is really important guys when we are in a growing age it’s hard to make any changes in our life. We cannot easily adapt or accept the situations but even then I did it and I started my life from the beginning. I always knew that I never give up because I was stubborn and ambitious to try new things. So, being in a new school, making new friends, attending new teams were really new for me. In my teenage years, I became quieter, and my voice got softer, in another word I started to get the opposite behavior from my childhood time. I even start to think I am not beautiful, I am too skinny to attract others, and so on. What was wrong with me? Did I really lose my self-confidence, or were these just the coincidences of rapid changes that pushed me into emotional confusion? Of course, these were emotional confusion. How can someone understand this situation while they are emotional? The answer is “NONE” because we are too emotional and when our emotions get activated -I want to call evil emotions- we going to start focusing on the wrong thing to stick around with us forever. Think a second what was the last time you brought to your life evil emotions and why these situations happened?
Have you ever thought you do not deserve happiness, or have you ever thought you are weak not enough not beautiful or not in good shape? I think you are in the right address to find out why we are like this!